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Mission Impossible 3 2006 Full Movie

Mission Impossible III is pretty much what you can expect out of a movie of this caliber. It keeps you enraptured and entertained, the actors and the action sequences do not disappoint, but it is what it is: another shallow action flick. MI 1 & II are a distant memory, what made them, and indeed any good action film good, is tension. Something which this film completely lacked. The love interest wasn’t convincing, there was nothing that really set their relationship up to be so very special, and there was never really a decent element of danger. I watched Mission Impossible one the other day on Sky Movies one, the special effects look abit dated but the story was clever. I then tried watching Mission Impossible 2 but found that the whole idea was stupid, and the stunts where truly unbelievable. Mission Impossible 3 is simply the best in the series. JJ Abrams did an amazing job directing. As he created ‘Lost’, there were some things in there that seemed very familiar, eg. some music seemed very much like lost’s music. Special scenes were the opening sequence with the daring rescue which ends surprisingly. Clearly the best scene was the attack on the bridge on Tom Cruise. The scene had some great action and mind boggling special effects.

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