Maalgudi Days (2016) Malayalam HD Movie Watch

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Maalgudi Days (2016) Malayalam HD Movie Watch
Maalgudi Days 2016 Malayalam

Directors: Vinod, Visakh
Writers: Vinod, Visakh
Stars: Anoop Menon, Bhama, Janaki Menon
‘Maalgudi Days is an emotional suspense thriller with prominence to children. The movie is directed by three debutant brothers Vivek, Visakh, and Vinod. Story is taken through the eyes of two school children- Milan and Atheena, who study at Malgudi Public School. One day, they meet a stranger Zephan (Anoop Menon) in the forest. This rendezvous change the course of their life. Who is this mysterious stranger, why is he in forest and what outcome does he bring, forms the plot.