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Hancock 2008 - Will Smith



Director: Peter Berg
Writers: Vincent Ngo (as Vy Vincent Ngo), Vince Gilligan
Stars: Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman
Genres: Action | Fantasy

Hancock began life as a good idea and with a very intriguing premise; it bills itself as the alternative superhero film by aiming to show that the Superhero can be humanized. The film centers on a down and out alcoholic superhero called Hancock, played by the ever impressive Will Smith. Hancock is set in Los Angeles where John Hancock (Will Smith) lives as a powerful superhero fighting crime, he can fly & is invincible to all injury. However the residents of LOs Angeles dislike Hancock because of the vast amounts of damage he causes & lack of modesty, feeling alone, unwanted & unappreciated Hancock has slipped into alcoholism & depression. Hanacock saves public relations man Ray Emrey (Jason Bateman) from being hit by an oncoming train & as thanks Ray invites Hancock to his home for dinner, Hancock agrees & meets Ray’s wife Mary (Charlize Theron). Hancock has the special abilities similar that of Superman, but has the same alcohol level of Captain Jack Sparrow. That can’t be good, and he causes millions of dollars worth of property damage every time he catches criminals.


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