Greater (2016) Online Full Watch Movie

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Greater (2016) Online Full Watch Movie
Greater (2016) Full Watch Movie


Director: David Hunt
Writers: Brian Reindl, David Hunt
Stars: Christopher Severio, Neal McDonough, Leslie Easterbrook
Genres: Biography | Family | Sport

The movie GREATER was better than I ever could’ve imagined. Chris Severio did an excellent job portraying Brandon, Leslie Easterbrook was amazing at playing Barbara, and Neal McDonough gave his best performance to date as Marty Burlsworth.Based on a true story, the story involves an overweight athlete with an overwhelming desire to become an Arkansas Razorback football player. Life is not easy for Brandon Burlesworth. He faces challenges that seem insurmountable to overcome. Greater is based on the real life of Brian Burlsworth – the greatest walk on in the history of college football. The movie is good, but the multiple flashback sequences are a bit distracting as are the multiple conversations with “the farmer” who I guess is supposed to represent temptation or doubt or Satan. Greater (2016) full movie, watch Greater (2016) hd movie, Greater (2016) full watch movie, online Greater (2016) watch movie, Greater (2016) download free movie.