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Dragon Ball Z-Episode 241-Global Announcement-English Dubbed

DBZSeason 8

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Dragon Ball Z-Episode 241
Dragon Ball Z Episode 241 English Dubbed
Dragon Ball Z Season 8

Episode Name: Global Announcement

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DBZ Episode 241 English Dubbed


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DBZ Episode 241 English Dubbed


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DBZ Episode 241 English Dubbed


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DBZ Episode 241 English Dubbed


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Episode Details:
Kibito finds the Supreme Kai and heals him. Then, both of them find Gohan, and decide to take him to the world of the Kais. Meanwhile, back at the lookout, Goku breaks the news about Vegeta and Gohan to the everyone, as both of them are believed to be dead. As expected, everyone is shocked; Chi-Chi faints, Bulma screams for Vegeta, and Videl cries and refuses to believe Gohan is dead. They are just about to wake Trunks and Goten when Babidi suddenly starts a global announcement. He tells everyone that he and Majin Buu will terrorize the entire planet until Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks show themselves. To give them a taste of what’s in store, he shows Buu turning the entire population of a major city into small candies, which he greedily consumes.

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