Crash Point 2009 Full Hindi Dubbed Movie

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Crash Point 2009 Full Hindi Dubbed Movie
Crash Point Hindi Dubbed

“Crashpoint: Berlin” is a German film from 6 years ago. The genre is catastrophe drama as this deals with an airplane full of people. The pilots lose control over it after the plane crashes with another plane right after the start. In terms of realism, I am not an expert on airplane mechanics, but I am pretty sure that they are bound to crash with a big hole in the plane’s bottom.The brilliant Airplane! made sure you could never watch these films with a straight face again, but the sub-genre had already degenerated to such self-parody that only the better gags really distinguish the film from the contemporaneous “straight” effort The Concorde.

Director: Thomas Jauch
Writers: Marc Hillefeld, Bettina Platz
Stars: Peter Haber, Maximilian von Pufendorf, Bernadette Heerwagen
Genres: Drama