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Buffy The Vampire Slayer-Episode 7-Angel

Buffy-The Vampire SlayerSeason 1Tv Series

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Episode 7
Buffy the vampire slayer-Season 1
Episode 7-Angel

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The Master sends a trio of armoured warrior vampires after Buffy. They ambush Buffy on her, but Angel arrives to help her. Angel is injured during the fight and Buffy invites him back to her house. When Angel takes his shirt off, Buffy notices a tattoo and asks him if he was stalking her, because she felt his presence at the Bronze. He shrugs it off, and Buffy’s mom runs into the two of them. Buffy then covers for Angel by saying he is tutoring her, and sneaks him into her bedroom. As Buffy changes she asks Angel why he fights vampires. He reveals his family was killed by vampires. The next morning, Giles informs the group that the vampires who ambushed Buffy were known as The Three, warrior vampires controlled by the Master. The Master allows Darla to kill The Three, as a lesson in the use of power for Collin, the Anointed One. The next day, Buffy returns to Angel. She notices her diary askew and tries to explain away entries that reveal fantasies about “A”. Angel assures her that he did not read the diary. He then confesses his attraction towards her. They kiss. Suddenly, Angel pulls back with a snarl of distress, showing his vampire face. She screams in shock and Angel dives out the window.

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