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Bad Boys 1 (1995) - Will Smith

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Director: Michael Bay
Writers: George Gallo (story), Michael Barrie (screenplay)
Stars: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Lisa Boyle
Genres: Action | Comedy | Crime | Drama | Thriller

“Bad Boys 1995” tells of the antics and adventures of a couple of constantly quarreling Miami detectives (Lawrence & Smith) who have to juggle a small army of bad boy gangster types, a beautiful but reluctant witness, an irate wife, and miscellaneous police honchos, informers, etc. The story to a certain extent in Bad Boys is relatively shallow(you can also argue that it’s littered with various movie cliches). The enemies (along with their motives) are pretty under-developed and at times the humor seemingly goes threw a repetitious cycle. There either maybe excessive bickering or some fairly lame situations that play out as something that perhaps belong in a situation comedy. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are teamed together as Miami cops in this comedy/drama. Martin Lawrence is the domesticated cop with a wife and three children in their modest home. Will Smith’s cop is quite the opposite. He is a single playboy with an inheritance. He doesn’t need to work but wants too.


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